The best smart home devices for 2018

The best smart home devices will turn your dumb home into a smart hub, one that can turn on lights when you enter a room, lock your doors for you, or play music with a simple voice command. 

Setting up your smart home can be as basic as putting a smart speaker in your living room, or as complex as an intricate network of connected devices. Really, making a smart home is up to you, and you can personalize it to your level of comfort.

But wading the waters of smart home products, which fall into dozens of categories, can be daunting. And because smart homes rely on components being able to communicate with one another, before you stock up your shopping cart with all the latest and greatest smart home gadgets, make sure they’re compatible with any other smart devices you already own including your phone, tablet and any smart speaker you already own. 

To help you start your smart home journey, or complete the technology-laden home of your dreams, we’ve curated a list of eight gadgets that we believe are the best smart home products you can buy.

Here are our recommendations for best smart home devices to get your existing house, apartment or other domicile up to speed:

Choosing the best smart home ecosystem

Before you start assembling your smart home, you’ll want to think about which smart home ecosystem you’ll want to build off of. There are quite a few out there, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home/Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, the Amazon Alexa platform, IFTTT, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and more. 

Lots to chose from, right? We’ve put together a guide to help you consider what you need to when putting together your smart home, which you can check out here.

You’ll also want to consider the ecosystem that you’re already plugged into. For example, avid Android owners might have more luck with Google Home than with the Amazon Echo or Apple’s HomePod. On the contrary, those that need quick and easy ways to order things online might prefer the Amazon Echo.

Want to see even more smart home recommendations? Check out our comprehensive guides to different product categories below:

Now, let’s get into our list of the best smart home devices, starting with…

Best smart speaker: Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

A better fit for your stylish smart home

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