Best smart lighting: from Philips Hue to Lifx, and everything in between

Smart lighting is one area of the smart home that just about anyone can tackle. It requires little explanation, installation, and fiddling, and before you know it, you’re enjoying the lovely hues of your new lights, controlling them with just your phone or your voice. 

Smart lighting is great because of the options you have at your disposal. You can control them with just your phone or your voice. You can change tone, brightness and even color. There’s so many options with smart lights, you may wonder what took you so long to make the switch. 

Even if you don’t pay a ton of attention to smart lighting, you have likely heard of Philips Hue. It’s definitely the biggest name in the smart lighting game, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only horse in the race – far from it. 

There are some truly excellent offerings from companies such as Lifx if you’re looking for more of a talking-point; Hive if you’re on a budget; or Nanoleaf if you’d rather your lighting be part of your home’s decor. 

Each system comes with its own pros and cons, so here we’ll talk you through the brands you should be aware of, plus which smart lighting solution will be the best fit for you and your home.

Philips Hue

The biggest name, and for good reason

Wattage: 10 W | Color: +16 million colors | Color temperature: 2,000-6,500K | Lumen output: 806 | Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Height: 109.2mm | Diameter: 62mm

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